Lisa Jackson
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Lisa's Causes

Lisa contributes to and is involved in many philanthropic efforts. Here is a partial list of some of the causes she supports. She hopes you, too, will find it in your heart to donate or volunteer to these wonderful organizations or others that may be more personal to you.


Molly Bears - Lisa discovered Molly Bears when contacted by one of her readers and told of this wonderful cause. Through Molly Bears, families who have suffered infant loss can reach out and apply for a stuffed bear, made to the exact weight of the lost child. The bears are individually hand crafted to the family's specifications and provide much-needed comfort to those who have lost their babies.

Lisa with Hannah Bear,
created by Molly Bears.

Raphael House - Lisa believes that everyone should feel safe and that there should be a haven from abuse, especially when the abuse comes from a family member, those who are supposed to provide safety and love rather than pain or terror. To that end, she fully supports Raphael House in Portland, Oregon and urges anyone who suffers any kind of emotional or physical trauma to seek help. For those of you who are lucky enough to be safe, please donate or volunteer at a shelter near you.

Equine OutreachEquine Outreach - Lisa has always loved horses and has written about them often in her books. Through a friend, she learned of a wonderful organization which is dedicated to helping abused and neglected horses. Equine Outreach, which facilitates the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and permanent placement of abused, and neglected horses in Deschutes County and Central Oregon. Their goal is to promote equine awareness and to foster community compassion for responsible horse guardianship. Please check out their website for pictures and stories of rescued animals and the incredible volunteers who care for them. It's truly heartwarming.


SEVA DOGSEVA DOG - Seva (SAY-VA) means "selfless service", it all sounds like "Save A Dog". Family style grass roots, 501c3 non-profit specializing in Life Immersion Training. Keeping families together and matching dogs to compatible adopters.

Bonz and Jackie O No!Southwestern Washington Humane Society - Lisa's always been a huge animal lover. Until recently Lisa had two dogs, Bonzi, an 80 lb pitbull mix, and Jackie O No!, a loveable little pug who is always getting into trouble. Whether it's just for a few nights or several years, Lisa has never been able to turn down a place for strays to live. This is why she stands behind this organization 100%.

R.I.P Bonzi