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“[Jackson] generates near-constant suspense, weaving together disparate plot turns, directing a large cast of characters, and playing up movie-star egos and show-biz gossip to give the novel a vintage Hollywood feel. With moderate gore, a hint of romance, and many dynamic female characters, After She’s Gone is a sure bet for Jackson’s popular blend of women’s fiction and suspense.”

Jackson’s latest is a well-crafted story full of suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. With her skillful, vividly descriptive storytelling, Jackson brings us an intriguing plot with a strong yet flawed heroine at its center. With steady pacing, plenty of action and a few plot twists, Jackson’s thrill of a read will hook readers in.

Famous actress Allie Kramer has been missing for three weeks, and her older sister Cassie checks herself out of the psychiatric ward of the hospital she is in to find her. Considered a suspect in Allie’s case, she’s convinced Allie is alive. When Cassie’s friend is murdered, along with other women, the stakes get higher. Then Cassie becomes a suspect in the murders, all the while questioning her own mental state. (KENSINGTON, Jan., 400 pp., $26.00)  
—Romantic Times

“[An] exciting novel of romantic suspense.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Best-selling Jackson definitely knows how to jangle readers’ nerves.”
—Booklist on CLOSE TO HOME

We also received the review in the September issue of RT: “Readers who enjoy chilling tales with an element of the supernatural will find this fast-paced novel difficult to put down! The mansion at the center of the story is as much of a character as the people living in it. Jackson blends a modern thriller and a romantic reunion with a haunted past that reaches into the lives of even the youngest characters.”
—RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“Acclaimed author [Lisa Jackson] is back to captivate her fans. And as always, the fans are gifted with a real page-turner… Jackson has made sure to invent a story where everyone will go home to the ‘place’ they love and…think twice about going inside. Excellent read!”

—Suspense Magazine on CLOSE TO HOME

"Jackson shows a mastery of the true-crime thriller formula that will please fans."
Kirkus Reviews on TELL ME



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